Notre Dame De La Mer

Christmas Eve Mass

2021 Christmastide Liturgy Schedule

Penance Service
St. Ann Church - Wednesday, December 15th 6:00PM

Saturday, December 18th
Church of the Assumption…3:00-4:00PM
St. Ann Church…3:00-4:00PM

Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve – Friday, December 24th
St. Ann Church…….4:30PM (The Nativity of the Lord)
                                 4:15PM Preludes with Guitar/Cantor
Church of the Assumption…..4:30PM (The Nativity of the Lord)
                                               4:00PM Preludes w/Adult Choir and Orchestra

St. Ann Church - Mass in the Spanish Language….7:00PM

Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25th
Church of the Assumption…8:30AM (Guitar and Cantor)
St. Ann Church…10:30AM (Choral Ensemble / Trumpet)

New Year’s Eve – Friday, December 31st
(Vigil for the Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God)

St. Ann Church…4:30PM
St. Ann Church - Mass in the Spanish Language…7:00PM

New Year’s Day – Saturday, January 1st
Church of the Assumption….8:30AM

** Please note there will also be 4:30 mass at each church Saturday, January 1st as well**