Notre Dame De La Mer

Faith-Filled Events


All children registered in the PREP/Faith Formation program are required to attend six (6) intergenerational faith events with their families during the school year.

Ideally, all members of the family would attend these events/experiences together, but this is not mandatory. Grandparents and extended members of the family can be included and are encouraged to attend/participate.

Some events may require advance registration and limit number of participants. A ‘goodwill’ offering may be asked at some events.

We encourage all students and families, especially the Confirmandi to do community service hours together. Service hours are an additional requirement.

Each child in the program will fill out an Intergenerational Events Reflection Form (available below) after they have attended their six (6) events. They make choose to turn in these forms, put them in a scrapbook with photos, or make/design their own journals for documentation. Once all six (6) are completed, you may hand it in at class, the PREP Office or the Welcome Center in church. Students may not move ahead to the next PREP level until this is completed and approved.

The following are some examples of events/experiences that a student/family might participate in. However, if you have an idea for a family faith event or experience, please do not hesitate to mention it to us. If you are an out-of-parish PREP family and you participate in an event at your home parish, this will almost always be considered.

We hope that family participation in faith filled activities will be a source of great joy for everyone involved. Thank you for your commitment to take this requirement seriously.