Notre Dame De La Mer

Religious Education

The Parish Religious Education Program provides spiritual formation and religious education to all parishioners, which in turn, furthers the teaching and preaching of the gospel to all people. Here at Notre dame de la Mer, we use a “whole community” catechesis model and so PREP provides educational opportunities for all the segments of our Parish community. Religious education is a lifelong learning process and it is hoped that with the cooperation, participation and interaction of all, we will develop and support a dynamic faith-filled community

Parents, by their words and examples, are the primary faith educators of their children.  PREP helps parents in their work by teaching our rich Catholic heritage and provides the basis for faith formation. This process is carried out not only by classroom discussion and teaching, but also through participation in prayer, special celebrations, worship opportunities, and service to others. In this way, the child, in fact the entire family, is led to a deeper relationship with God, other children, and the total Christian faith community.

PREP is an essential part of the mission of our parish. The goal of the program is to form students to be disciples of Jesus Christ, capable of living life steeped in Catholic-Christian values. This program is rooted in the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist where the entire parish draws strength from both Word and Sacrament.          

PREP is designed for the children of our parish who attend schools that do not teach formal religious education classes. Families attending the Religious Education Program at Notre Dame de la Mer Parish can expect a well-designed curriculum based on the guidelines of the Diocese of Camden, administered and taught by dedicated and knowledgeable Catholic adults.