Notre Dame De La Mer



Assist in the celebration of the Liturgy by bearing
the processional cross, to prepare the altar,
also serving as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.


Proclaim the readings of the Old and New Testaments
prior to the Gospel or when a Deacon is not present,
they also read the General Intercessions.

Extraordinary Ministers
of the Eucharist

Assist in the distribution of both the
Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly and,
at times, bring the Eucharist to the homebound.

Ministry of Music

Enhances the Liturgy through sharing of
vocal and musical talents of the community.
Members serve as organist, cantors, musicians
and members of the Adult and Children’s Choir.

Ministers of Hospitality

Ushers and greeters, reserve the Christian tradition
of welcoming the members of the congregation to
the Liturgy, as well as maintaining a sense of order
and reverence during service.


Prepare the “things necessary” for the
celebration of the liturgy:  the books, the vestments,
the vessels, the linens, the bread and wine.

Art & Environment

Maintain and prepare the Sacred Space
used for worship.


Interested and feel the call to serve?
Please call the parish office at 609-522-2709.
You are needed.